How do I remove Inactive items from my Sales Channel?

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By default, a new integration is set to hide/remove inactive items. However, you or a member of your team may have changed this setting so here's how to change it back to ON.

First, make sure you know the difference between Active and Inactive products. This flag is set solely by your supplier, not by Inventory Source.

Each integration in your Inventory Source account can be set to apply this differently. First, choose the integration for which you want to hide the inactive products from your Sales Channel.

Then choose Catalog Rules from the upper right-hand corner.

Inside the Controls tab of the Catalog Rules, slide the toggle switch to ON under the section labeled "Hide/Remove Inactive Products"

On the next sync to your Sales Channel, Inventory Source will remove or hide (dependent upon your platform) any products flagged as Inactive by your Supplier. Your customers will no longer be able to see those items on your Sales Channel.


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