Sales Channel Field Mapping

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IS Friendly Names Platform Field Names Configurable in integration settings? Update in Full Update/PQS?
SKU SKU (stock keeping unit) No Full Update/PQS
Wholesale Cost Cost per item Yes PQS
MSRP (manufacturer standard retail price) Compare at price Yes PQS
MAP (minimum advertise price) NA(Can be uploaded in MetaField) Yes Full Update/PQS
Final List Price Price No PQS
Status (active) Product availability No PQS
Quantity Quantity No PQS
Title Title No Full Update
Short Description NA NA NA
Long Description Description No Full Update
Manufacturer Vendor No Full Update
Weight Weight No Full Update
Category1 Product type, Collections No Full Update
Category2 Tags No Full Update
UPC Barcode (ISBN, UPC, GTIN, etc.) No Full Update
MPN NA(Can be uploaded in MetaField) Yes Full Update
Image(s) Images Yes Full Update
Height NA NA NA
Length NA NA NA
Width NA NA NA
Multi-Pack Quantity (set default to 1 if n/a) NA NA NA
Dropship Fee NA NA NA
Shipping Cost NA NA NA
Thumbnail NA NA NA
Is Firearm NA NA NA
Parent SKU Handle No No
Options (if variations) Option Name/ Option Value No Full Update
Parent Title Title No Full Update
Child Title Title No Full Update
Attributes Tags Yes Full Update

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