How to Cancel or Freeze My Integrations

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Freezing or cancelling your integrations will disable syncing of the supplier’s feed to your sales channel on your next renewal date. It will not deactivate products nor will it ever remove product listings from your store. You are solely responsible for deleting or removing existing products from your sales channels.

Freezing an integration will allow you to keep any pricing, category mapping and other catalog rules you have created. There is a charge of $9/month for each frozen integration.

Canceling an integration will permanently delete your integration and all associated settings. When you cancel an integration, you are setting it to not be renewed at the end of the period. You will continue to receive access to the information and active syncs until the end of your prepaid period.

To cancel or freeze your integrations simply head to the drop-down menu on the top right of your Inventory Source dashboard and select Cancel Integrations: From here, you can select the integrations you want to manage and choose how you want to move forward. You can either cancel or freeze the selected integrations:

If freezing, click the orange "Freeze 1 Integration" button shown below:

When you're ready to reactivate the integration, simply come back to the Cancel Integrations page and click the refresh icon next to the frozen integration

If canceling, click the red "Cancel 1 Integration" button shown below:

We value your feedback, so to complete the cancellation we ask that you provide us with some insight as to why you're canceling the integration

If you want to reinstate a canceled or frozen integration, you can easily do so by clicking the refresh icon next to the integration you wish to reactivate if you are reactivating before the billing cycle ends.

If you want to reinstate or unfreeze integrations after the final billing date, you'll select the integration you want to reinstate, and from there you can review the integrations fees and prorated charges you'll need to pay to unfreeze/reinstate.

Keep in mind that your free account is not affected by cancelling or freezing your integrations. Cancelling all subscriptions means you will no longer be billed by us, but you will still able to log into your account if you ever wish to come back to add new integrations or unfreeze your existing ones.

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