Resolving Common WooCommerce Errors

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Resolving Common WooCommerce Errors:

Although WooCommerce is very easy to set up, some errors can be expected every now and then. Here we will go over some errors and how you can prevent or fix them.

Brand Names not Displaying Properly on Store

There can be issues with brand names containing two or more words not displaying properly once synced with WooCommerce.  In some cases the space between a brand name with multiple words is treated as a new line character which causes multiple brands to be associated with a single product. For example a product with the brand "Tommy Hilfiger" may be synced with a WooCommerce store with brands "Tommy" and "Hilfiger."

Solution: To resolve this issue, please reach out to our support team at or via our chat feature that you can access when logged into your account. Our support team can enable a setting for any affected integrations to allow the HTML entity in place of single space when brand names are synced. Once this update has been made by our support team you will need to schedule a Full Update for your integration(s) and the Brand names will sync properly. 

Error while Uploading New Products to Store

One of the most common reasons products fail to upload to a Woocommerce store is an error caused by the WooCommerce W3 Total Cache plugin. This plugin can cause an "invalid image" error that results in new products failing to be uploaded to your store. 

Soulution: Please disable the W3 Total Cache plugin from your store and then schedule a Full Update.

Order Manager Errors

For any errors that are not mentioned in this article, please contact our Support team here: Contact Us or via our chat feature that you can access when logged into your account.

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