How US Direct Differs from Individual Supplier Integrations

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Compared to our integrations with individual suppliers, there are differences between what is available via US Direct, whether through the 'Proven Sellers' feed, or through individual feeds such as "Fragrance X by US Direct."

1. You will have a different amount of product selection.

From the FAQ on the US Direct website homepage

What products can I sell?

Depending on the supplier, US Direct hand picks roughly 70-90% of the products supplier’s catalog to make available through the US Direct catalog. We have learned over the years that there are certain types of products that can cause issues when reselling them online and have filtered them from our catalog. Here are some general guidelines of products we do our best to filter out:

  • Products that are typically not approved by a standard payment processor such as firearms, ammunition, supplements, pseudo drugs, etc.
  • Unprofitable products due to weight and shipping costs typically weighing over 10 lbs.
  • Products that have a high risk of fraud due to price and/or category.

2. You may have different wholesale pricing at times and/or additional fees with US Direct, such as a dropship fee.

You also have "per order" fees. You can find out more about this here: Remember that US Direct is a "supplier aggregator", not a direct supplier itself. We recommend contacting each supplier for details to see the differences. You can use our Supplier Directory to help you with this. Visit our Supplier Directory Overview to learn more.

3. You may not qualify to become a reseller with some suppliers currently integrated with US Direct, or they may temporarily be not approving new reseller applications. By using US Direct, you can quickly gain access to many products.

4. You may find that US Direct uses a simpler shipping policy that makes your shipping options simpler and easier for you to calculate. Alternatively, by using a Supplier directly, you may have more shipping methods available and possibly be able to ship to more countries and other locations.

For more information on US Direct, see it's shipping policy and shipping prices, returns policy, pricing plans, and marketplace integration disclaimer.

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