Resolving Walmart Product Upload Errors

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Common Product Upload Errors (with Solutions):

If certain products are failing to upload to your Walmart store, it is most likely a result of Walmart reporting an error and preventing the product from being uploaded due to an issue with the product data for those items. In this article you will find how to resolve the common errors that Walmart may report regarding product data so that you can successfully upload your products.

The most common reasons Walmart will prevent you from listing your products are:

  • Products are listed with Invalid Category or Sub-Category
  • Products have missing or invalid UPC

To confirm and review the errors reported by Walmart for each product that failed to upload please please contact support and request the error report from your latest sync. You can also contact support via our chat feature that you can access when logged into your account. Our support team will provide you with a link to download a spreadsheet that will list every product by SKU along with the reason Walmart prevented the product from being uploaded. The below image is a sample of this file. 

Products that Failed to Upload Due to Invalid Category or Sub-Category

If the error report provided by our support team contains SKUs that failed to upload with the reason "Category is not configured" or "Sub Category is not configured" it means that the category structure in your Inventory Source Catalog must be reconfigured. 

Walmart requires that their resellers map products they list into categories and subcategories as defined by Walmart. This means you will have to use our category mapping tool to map all categories of products you intend to list from your chosen supplier in the manner in which Walmart defines. Depending on how many categories of products you intend to list, and depending on how many categories and sub-categories your supplier offers, it may take some time for you to successfully map those categories.

The good news is that once completed, you do not have to do this again unless:

  • you later add products to your Walmart seller account from a previously unmapped category,
  • your supplier creates or modifies existing categories,
  • Walmart updates or alters their category mapping rules.

This Walmart document entitled " Selecting Categories & Subcategories" shows how to map categories according to Walmart's guidelines.

Note: Subcategories that contain "Other" do not require the full subcategory name. For example, "Sports & Recreation Other" only needs to be "Other", thereby omitting the "Sports & Recreation" portion of the subcategory.

Starting from Walmart V3, product subcategories are mandatory to upload. If you do not map the supplier subcategory with the Walmart subcategory name, the product won't upload on Walmart when your integration syncs. Those product SKUs will trigger an error.

Products that Failed to Upload Due to Missing or Invalid UPC

If the error report provided by our support team contains SKUs that failed to upload with the reason "UPC is blank Walmart won't allow to List the product without UPC" or "The Product ID is invalid. Ensure GTINs are 14 digits and UPCs are 12 digits"  it means that the UPC for those products needs to be updated.

You can update the UPC for specific products using the product customization feature in your Inventory Source Catalog Manager. More information on this can be found here:Catalog Manager: Product Customizations

Note: Inventory Source populates the UPC for each product with the information provided by your supplier. If the supplier does not provide a UPC for the product you are attempting to list on Walmart or if Walmart is reporting the UPC as invalid you may be able to find the correct UPC by searching current listings on Walmart or through a web search. 

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