Getting Started with a Shopify Integration

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In order for Inventory Source to integrate with your Shopify store, you will have to install our App in the admin page of your store. 

If your integration is currently in Onboarding it will be listed as a Pending Integration. To complete Step 3 (Connect Sales Channel) of the setup for your pending integration you will see information on how to install the Inventory Source app in Shopify. This is required to complete the onboarding for your integration as it provides our team with the credentials needed to connect to your store, including your store's URL and API token. 

How to Install the Inventory Source App

The easiest way to install the Inventory Source app is to visit This will take you directly to our app on the Shopify App Store where you will select the "Add app" option. 

Then you will log into your account using your Shopify Admin credentials and you will be redirected to your admin page. From there be sure to select the "Install app" option as shown below cnd Shopify will confirm that the app has been successfully installed.

Once the app has been installed you can navigate back to your Pending Integration. and from there you should see your Shopify store listed under Step 3 - Connect Sales Channel. 

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