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Advanced Sidebar Filters

In the left sidebar of the Supplier Directory, you will notice more advanced filtering options helping to narrow searches further than ever before.

Product Catalog

The Product Catalog filtering option allows you to select if the supplier has either a public or private catalog. You do not have to have a supplier account to view public product catalogs. However, you must already have a supplier account to preview products for those with private catalogs.

Automation Available

The Automation Available filtering option allows you to search for suppliers with the following conditions (more than one can be selected):

  • Inventory Sync - The ability to monitor and sync the price, quantity and status of the products from the supplier.
  • Product Data Upload - The ability to obtain and upload product data, such as titles, descriptions and category structure, from the supplier.
  • Order Routing - The ability to automatically route orders to the supplier.
  • Shipment Tracking - The ability to automatically obtain shipment tracking information from the supplier and sync it back to your store.


The Location filter option is pretty self explanatory. Using this, you can filter your supplier search based on the country the supplier is located.

Ships To

The Ships To filtering option allows you to search for suppliers based on the areas they can ship orders to (more than one can be selected). 

Data Feed Quality

The Data Feed Quality filtering option really allows you to narrow down your search of suppliers based on different product feed characteristics (more than one can be selected).

Supplier Type

The Supplier Type filter option allows you to find your already integrated suppliers, favorite suppliers and suppliers that allow marketplace selling.

Product Categories

Lastly, the Product Categories filtering option allows you to search for suppliers based on the different generalized product categories that fit the product types in their catalog (more than one can be selected). 

Supplier Cards

Below, you will see a breakdown of all the information that comes on the supplier cards.

Supplier Pages

Our supplier pages now have a new look as well! Keep reading to learn more about these features.

In this top area, you'll find similar information expanded from the supplier card including a supplier description, SKU prefix, shipping locations, reseller information and product data variant and attribute details. You will also be able to click to easily begin integrating with the supplier or learn how to apply as a reseller with the "Becoming a Reseller" button. 

Below that, you will see the supplier's sample feed (if they have a public catalog). 

You can also change the product feed's view by clicking in the top right-hand corner.

We have also now included an advanced searching option at the top of the sample product feed that really allows you to easily narrow down and search for products more than ever before.

At the top of the left sidebar, you can now find the top five brands the supplier carries.

Below that, you can preview and search the different product categories within the supplier's feed.

And, once you click on a product, you will be able to view a large amount of product data available with the supplier.

You can even click on the search button in the product window to view other products with the same brand, parent category and child category.

Search by 'Products'

We also have the ability to search across our entire Supplier Directory at the product level. You can search products by keyword, SKU, UPC, MPN, brand, and category. 

Important note: Less is more when it comes to the search terms you enter, as the search will only show results that match the exact characters you input. 

Sidebar filters for Search by 'Products' 

These are advanced filtering options that help to narrow down your product searches.

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