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Shipping Mapping

Shipping Mapping is the process of pre-selecting specific shipping methods and saving them in your Channel Settings so that when new orders are imported, your preferred methods will be auto-assigned to those orders. The idea is to increase efficiency by eliminating the need for you to select shipping methods for individual orders. Here is our step-by-step guide on how to map your shipping

1. In Order Manager, select the Channels tab:

2. In Channels, select the gear icon to the left of the channel settings you want to update:

3. Select Shipping Mapping from the left-hand panel:

4. Select the supplier you'd like to set shipping options for.

5. Add the channel shipping method name. If you're unsure, check the store shipping method in your test order to confirm how the shipping details imported from your store or marketplace. You will need to map to this exact method and can assign different shipping for Next Day, Overnight, etc. depending on the carriers and methods supported by your supplier.

6. Select the shipping method that you want to associated with this channel/store shipping method name for this supplier, then click Add Mapping below it.

You can see below that we have mapped several different options based on our channel's store shipping methods:

Be sure to click update before exiting the Shipping Mapping tool to save your changes:

Moving forward, any RSR (supplier) order imported into Order Manager through this particular channel under the store shipping method name of "Standard Shipping" will automatically be assigned UPS Ground as the carrier and method for that order, and we will send those shipping method details to the supplier when processing the order.

This is ideal for users who want to get set up on auto-process.

Supplier Shipping: Your suppliers should be able to provide information on estimated shipping rates and supported carriers and methods. Not all suppliers offer the same shipping options. It is important to understand each of your supplier's shipping policies before mapping your shipping in Order Manager.

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