How can I export a copy of my entire Store Catalog?

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At any time, you can export a copy of the items in your Store Catalog. 

Once initiated, a link to a CSV file will be emailed to you. 

There are some caveats to be aware of when doing a Store Catalog export.

  1. All customizations you have done in Inventory Source will be included instead of the original data supplied by your Supplier.
  2. The products included in the export will be only from the Store Catalog. You can not export from the Supplier Feed. For a list of all items from your Supplier, please contact your Supplier directly.
  3. Not all products from your Store Catalog will be included. A bulk export is processed through the same Catalog Rules that determine what items from your Store Catalog appear on your Sales Channel. For instance, if you have set a rule to hide/remove out of stock items from your Sales Channel, then those items will also not appear in your bulk export. See below for a workaround on this.
  4. The list prices in your bulk export will be based upon the pricing rules you have set at the time of export. 

To create a bulk export, navigate to your Catalog Rules from within the integration you wish to export. Go to the Bulk tab and then choose Create Export.

If you have recently created an export, you will only see the link to download the prior export. Inventory Source accounts are limited to two exports per day.

Workaround to Export Entire Catalog

There is a workaround for customers who wish to have an export that includes all the items in their Store Catalog, including those that would otherwise be excluded from their Sales Channel because of Catalog Rules.

The following assumes your integration is in Builder mode, not Filter mode.

To do so, you will set all your Catalog Rules back to defaults so as not to exclude any items from your Sales Channel. However, because our system may initiate a sync to your Sales Channel at any time - which we and you do not control - you will want to pause your integration first.

  1. First, pause your integration.
  2. Go into your Catalog Rules and to your Controls tab and to get ready to turn off any settings that would cause some items not to appear on your Sales Channel. 
  3. Take a screenshot of your existing rules or write them down separately.
  4. Set your Catalog Rules Controls to the following:
    1. Minimum Quantity Filter: Set to 0.
    2. Hide/Remove Out Of Stock Products: Set to OFF.
    3. Upload Out Of Stock Products: Set to ON.
    4. Hide/Remove Inactive Products: Set to OFF.

  5. Now go to your Bulk tab and create a new export.
  6. Once you have your new export with all your Store Catalog items, go back and reset your Catalog Rules Controls to how you had them set before when you recorded them in Step 3 above.
  7. Unpause your account. This is necessary for your integration to be active again.

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