Sync Updates: Optimized Sync vs. Standard Sync

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Optimized Sync vs. Standard Sync

Standard Sync

On Basic plans, your integrations sync from inventory source to your sales channel twice (2x) each day. During each sync, we include the latest update from your supplier, along with any customizations, products, and changes you may have made to your pricing rules, controls, and more.

Note:Some suppliers may only update their data once per day.

Optimized Sync

On Plus plans, your integrations will sync on an optimized schedule.

Optimized Sync synchronizes your inventory feeds as often as new data is made available by your supplier. This ensures your online store or e-commerce platform/channel has the most accurate and optimized data made available by your supplier.

Even if the data with your supplier has not changed, this functionality is important if you constantly make changes to your Store Catalog (for example, changing your pricing rules). Optimized Sync can help to decrease the time between changes and when they appear on your Sales Channel.

Want to upgrade your Basic plan to Plus so you can benefit from Optimized Sync? Visit How to Add or Upgrade an Integration.

Note: Optimized Sync refers to the Inventory Automation side of our software and is not related to Order Management.

You can also manually schedule a sync "on demand". Learn more about On-Demand syncing here: What is an On-Demand update?

See our current Inventory Source Pricing Plans here.

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