When am I Eligible for a Refund or Credit?

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Inventory Source is not required to provide credits or refunds for any accounts where an integration is delayed due to the customer OR product data is missing/incorrect at the supplier's end. This includes, but is not limited to:
  • not having the necessary supplier approvals,
  • not having supplier or sales channel credentials needed to create or update an integration,
  • not having or providing proper sales channel settings,
  • failure to properly review supplier content data, category structure, pricing, or margins in the supplier directory before requesting an integration,
  • failing to setup proper shipping mapping for Order Management,
  • for self-hosted sales-channels, not using a host/server powerful enough to run a professional e-commerce website.
  • any product information is missing or incorrect in the supplier data feed.
  • delay or missing order tracking from the supplier for any order.
Furthermore, it is the customer's responsibility to validate and confirm that the products they choose to sell on their selected website or marketplaces fall within that platforms approved guidelines. Being blocked, banned, suspended, or otherwise have products (SKUs) removed from active listings by a Sales Channel is between the customer and their sales channel.

Lastly, the success or failure of a customer's business lies solely upon the customer, not Inventory Source. Inventory Source is a "data connector", helping to automate product data from suppliers to sales channels. Inventory Source is not a business partner to our customers. In general, we refrain from providing business or marketing advice.

For additional information, please see our Terms of Service.

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