How to Pause an Integration

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When you pause an integration, you are still considered an active customer and still pay your monthly charges.

In order to stop our PQS updates into your store, you will need to pause your integration.

We always monitoring your integrations to make sure all product feeds are up-to-date. When an integration is paused, this information just won't sync to your store.

To pause an integration, head to your "Integrations" tab in the app and click on the integration which you wish to manage:

Click the "Pause" switch in the upper left-hand corner of your product feed:

A dialog box will pop up. Click "Yes, Disable" if you want to move forward with pausing your integration:

Your integration is now paused! You can reactivate integrations at any time by choosing the "Active" switch in the upper left-hand corner of each integration's product feed.

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