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**Purchasing the Integration**

1 - Setup Retailer account with Doba:

If you are looking for a  quick access to products without having to go through the Supplier Application process, you should consider integrating "Doba" as your supplier. It starts at $29/mo for access to over 2 million products to choose from, without the supplier application process. 

You can sign up with  our referral link for a free Doba trial here.

Please note, a Doba Legacy account is required to integrate.

2 - Add Doba to your Inventory Source account:

Here is how to add Doba and place Inventory Automation order:

  1. Login to your Inventory Source Account
  2. Click "Add Integration" on the left-hand panel
  3. Select Doba as Supplier and Select your Sales Channel
  4. You have the option to add multiple integrations
  5. Review your pricing and, on the next page, finalize the checkout process
  6. Once complete, you will be able to setup your integration with our 5 step onboarding process
  7. Here is a video on how to Setup Your Integration once you have purchased for an integration

**How to Setup the Integration**


1 - Provide Retailer ID:

Once you place an inventory automation order, we will ask for your Retailer ID in Step 2 of the onboarding process, see below.

We will need your Retailer ID to move forward and activate your integration.

If you do not provide this here in this step support team member will contact you via Email and will ask for your Doba account Retailer ID. 

How to locate Retailer ID:

  1. Login to your Doba Account
  2. Your Doba Retailer ID is in the top right corner when you login into your Doba account

2 - Authorize Inventory Source:

Once you provide your Retailer ID, we will send a request to your Doba account to approve the access. Here is how to "Grant-Access":

  1. Login to your Doba Account
  2. A box will pop-up on the main home page: Inventory Source has requested permission to place orders for you. Do you wish to allow this?

*Please note even if you have only purchased "Inventory Automation" and not "Full Automation", the message will still say that "Inventory Source has requested to place orders"... however we will not be placing orders on your behalf unless you purchase a Full Automation Plan.*

3) Select 'Yes' (by default selected) and click 'Continue'.
4) To verify that whether Inventory source is approved or not:
5) Click "My Account"
6) Scroll to the bottom to "Settings"
7) Click "Third Party Authorizations"

8) You'll see Inventory Source as approved.

3 - Add Inventory to Doba Account:

Here is How to add Inventory to Doba account:

  1. Login to your Doba Account
  2. Click Catalog" on the main menu panel

3: Add products and check under 'My Inventory' tab.

We will then begin to pull any inventory you have added to your "inventory lists" in Doba into your Inventory Source account where you can configure your tools in Step 4 of your  Pending integrations page to start loading your products to your store. 

***Please allow 4-5 hours for new products added to your inventory lists in Doba to be pulled into Inventory Source.

If you have any questions, simply contact our onboarding team by clicking the "contact onboarding team" button at the bottom of your pending integrations page.


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