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Dealer Onboarding

Before receiving live orders, it’s important to configure your Order Manager and ensure your Dealer account is all set by placing a test order first. The test order’s purpose is to:

  1. Confirm orders are importing properly from your sales channel
  2. Ensure they are being properly processed and routed to the supplier
  3. Confirm tracking is syncing back properly to your sales channel when applicable

Place Test Order

1. You will place an order on your sales channel just as a customer would. We recommend you select a small, low-dollar item since the order will be fulfilled and shipped (for tracking purposes). Login to Order Manager: Once the order is placed, login to your Inventory Source account to access Order Manager.

2. Confirm Order Has Imported: If you’re on a Plus or VIP plan, orders will import from your sales channel every 15 minutes. If you are on a Basic plan, orders import every hour. If you want to force a sync, you can do so with the Order Sync button. This will automatically import any orders that were waiting for the next scheduled sync to run.

3. Login to Your US Direct Dealer Portal: Click on Orders at the top of the page, then click on your new order

NOTE: If you have configured  Auto Authorize Orders For Payment, it is likely this order has already been authorized to be charged and no further action is required – skip to step 4.

4. Authorize Order for Payment: By clicking this button, you are authorizing US Direct to capture payment for this order.

5. Monitor the Order for Tracking: Once the supplier provides tracking details, we will import those into your Dealer portal and change the status of the order to “Shipped” and sync the tracking information back into your sales channel.

6. Start selling! After you’ve successfully tracked the life cycle of your first test order, you can begin accepting live orders.

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