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There are several scenarios when you may want to download your product catalog or access a "live feed link" to your catalog in a CSV file format. You have two options when it comes to accessing this kind of file export.

1- Export via your Catalog Manager: All integrations come with the ability to download a CSV file of your product catalog.

2 - Access a "Live Feed Link": In order to access a live link to your product catalog, you'll need to purchase the "IS Auto Export" platform when adding an integration.

See below for more details on how to access these product catalog files via these two methods.

1 - Export via your Catalog Manager

To export your product catalog via the Catalog Manager, first click on Catalog Rules.

Then, click on the "Bulk" tab.

Here, you'll see where you can export your whole Store Catalog. An email will be sent to the main email on your account when the export has completed. 

2- Automated Export Integration

The IS Auto Export platform is an additional integration that provides automated exports of your catalog that you can download via a link.

First, you have to add an integration to the IS Auto Export. You can learn how to add additional integrations here.

To obtain your automated export, go to the Catalog Manager of the integration and click "View Export" in the top right corner.

Here, you'll be able to see where you can either copy or download the link to your catalog export file.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many times per day can I download the export file in my Catalog Manager?

You will be able to export your Store Catalog at a maximum of 2 times per day and is a snapshot of the data we have at the moment you initiate an export.

How often is the IS Auto Export file updated?

The IS Auto Export platform runs updates in the standard 2 times per day, just like other platforms. However, if you are on a plan that offers optimized sync, the export will update as often as the supplier allows.

Is the IS Auto Export a whole new integration?

Yes. The IS Auto Export is just like adding a new integration.

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